Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Regeneration gathering Day 3

Today was a wrap up day. The gathering of lay people, DCE's, DCO's, and pastors. It it not a subgroup, mission society, or anything, just a gathering for encouragement, prayer, and ideas. Neither is this a group that says, "We get it" and others don't.
In the wrap-up session, it was decided that our goal is twofold:
1) Stay Christ-Centered, grace centered, and Lutheran focused, almost annoyingly (maybe even read the Confessions).
2) Get out into the world, get involved, know people, and be the church.
One frustration I have and many others is when church workers say something like this: "Yeah, we have Word and Sacrament ministry, but let's talk about this." Hmmmm....I guess the practical drives the theological. I struggle with this because often our ministry is SOOO much about practice and little about theology. The statement, "This isn't that bad." Becomes very annoying real quick (Arguing against bunnies at Easter in church, Santa at Christmas, and praying to angels).
May we stay focused (especially me) on the Scriptures and Christ.

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