Friday, October 9, 2009

ILC affirms our position on what?

The International Lutheran Council (ILC), an association of 34 confessional Lutheran church bodies (including the LCMS) from six continents, has unanimously adopted a statement emphasizing commitment to the Bible's position on homosexual behavior. The action was taken at the ILC's 23rd International Conference Aug. 26-31 in Seoul, South Korea. check out the whole story

This is refreshing considering the vote took place almost simultaneously to the ELCA assembly. In the official document, the council focuses its attention to God's Word and to the Gospel.
I am once again becoming a little anxious with statements and not any real concrete actions that are requested. In the LCMS there are 0 ministries that focus on "sexual brokenness" and 1 congregation listed on the Exodus international as an "association" congregation. An association congregation means that the congregation affirms the biblical position on homosexuality, but is a place that offers forgiveness in the case of repentance. Why wouldn't ALL LCMS churches be listed on this association? According to its bylaws, there is no obligation to worship with the other churches, sacrifice your particular theology, or to show fellowship on other parts, simply to be listed as a church that is a safe place for repentant individuals trying to get out of the gay lifestyle.
This is serious. If congregations do not start loving individuals who struggle with the gay lifestyle, we will see a major problem in the next generation. The perception that I have received from many young people who are not for homosexual behavior, but tend to be more open to it due to the churches apparent homophobic attitude (e.g. they will accept a drunkard, but not someone struggling with homosexuality). I think now is the time for mercy, action, and upholding our doctrinal position.
Check out these groups that specializes in ministering to people with "sexual brokenness."
Keys Ministry-A ministry formerly led by a LCMS pastor, now led by Karen Hart in Western Kansas (AFLC).
Outpost Ministries-A flourishing ministry led by Rev. Dan Puumala that is probably the most dynamic minitries in the midwest.
Exodus International-The largest ministry organization in the United States. The group has been together since 1976. The group is focused in Reformed theology, however, are centered on forgiveness and grace.
Anybody know of more work being done out there? Any more Lutheran ministries?
Lord have mercy as we serve in His kingdom

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