Sunday, October 11, 2009

A day of paradox....communion and the road

I saw the greatest of paradoxes today. This morning in worship, I had the joy of administering the sacrament of the altar and witnessed two little children begging their parents to show them what the body looks like and holding their communion cup. The child said, "I know it is the body of Christ, why can't I partake?" Ever wonder if 6 year olds get it more than majority of our church? What a joy to see God at work.

Then in a unique twist, we traveled to St. Louis today for a gathering called Regeneration. On the way, we happened to not be going 16 miles over the speed limit and a car cut us off while showing us the middle finger with a variety of words to say.

It goes well with the saint/sinner paradox. We have the joy of worshipping, receiving His gifts, but we also live in a crazy world that is willing to disgrace, dishonor, and disapprove of anyone that gets in their way. The worst part: what was my temptation with the car that cut us off? A finger back. Chief of sinner right here.

Lord have mercy

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