Friday, October 9, 2009

The Mission, the kingdom of God, and democracy

In the movie, "The Mission" (one of my favorites), a Catholic bishop visits a mission and asks the local priest, "How do you distribute the money you make?" The priest replied, "Equally among all!" The bishop, "That sounds like the dictatorship of France to me." "But Father, that is what the early Christians did." The bishop was silent.

When we read Acts 2 and 4, we never hear of a democratic idea of motivation for each individual to do their best, but we hear of helping each other so much that no one is in need. Selling land, giving away everything, and loving one another.

How does that relate to today? Descriptive or prescriptive? We always take cultural influences into effect, however, how does that work in a 21st century context? Something I would like to study more on and get feed back.

Lord have mercy

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