Saturday, November 28, 2009

A little sexist? Maybe, but there is a bigger issue at hand.

I recently received a message from "Megan" concerning a recent post I had at the conclusion of my "Godly men" on TV week. Here is what she said,

" I think that your point was a little misconstrued by the slightly offensive and chauvinistic tones to your argument. Inferring that all women do is sit around, make crafts, and bake casseroles is a huge generalization and also quite sexist. If you want your audience to include only single males, then by all means, continue."

I appreciate her comments because without honesty, how can I really reflect about my blog and what I am saying. My main purpose with these articles was for one purpose to motivate men and at the same time encourage women to allow our men to be men, especially in the life of the church.

When one looks at the typical church in today's society, they are typically set up in a few ways. 1) Sing very floaty, feministic songs (a.k.a. Beautiful Savior). 2) All gathering include potlucks (cooking), and 3) One of the biggest ways that the church does mission is through quilting, bake sales, and crafts. This by no means says that all women do this, BUT one must admit that all of these things encourage more feministic ideals than manly. The bigger issue is not "sexism", but men not being included in anything but as the ones to clean up the grounds and move chairs.

If my audience is only men, then that is fine because men in our world need a kick in the pants. Megan, pleasae keep on reading and let me know your continued thoughts. I would appreciate a little more opportunity for dialogue so my writing can hit home for a larger audience.


Ezzie F said...

Think about this: What motivates women in a church to share their time and talents for the good of their congregation? Who encourages the women to be women in the life of their church? It is the women themselves and hopefully their love of their Lord.

Perhaps you, as the Pastor, should be the motivational force -- offering encouragement to the guys in your congregation to do things for the good of the congregation.

I think there would be many men who would miss the "womanly" bake sales and potlucks.

All it takes is a little gumption to get things started.

Also, I take issue with your "bashing" of the hymn "Beautiful Savior". Melody may be "floaty" but it is the words that count. Beautiful Savior, King of creation. Son of God and Son of Man. "The Son is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word." Hebrews 1:3

Overall, I do not think that men are being left out of church events and are only asked to clean up the grounds and move chairs. Actually, I have seen women do these tasks as well. Everyone is afforded the same opportunity to VOLUNTEER their time and talents at their church. It is their choice to step up.

A "manly" prayer certainly can't hurt!

brady said...

Thanks Ezzie. You are exactly right, women are great at motivating each other and usually look to others on how to help.

Guys need quite a bit more encouragement. I have tried to make it a goal to get them more involved and yes they would miss bake sales. However, there are many things they should be part of.

Beautiful Savior is a symptom of a bigger issue. To define someone as beautiful is a "feminine" word and shows a wider issue of the feminization of the church. I use it all the time, but more importantly I make sure to use Mighty Fortress and For all the Saints even more often.

A manly prayer will help for sure! Keep the thoughts coming.

A Note From The Queen said...

I think that the role of the women in the family where it comes to church is highly overlooked. I know that in my family and in many other families, if I don't get up and get moving and make everyone get to church it won't happen. It's a role that I'm happy to play. Having said that, my husband is just as much of a Christian as I am and loves our Lord just as much.

As far as getting the men involved, do you have specific MEN'S ministry in your church? Our church has men's bible studies and men outings that are only for the men. These things flourish because they are specificly geared towards the men, and also because the wives of these men encourage them to participate.

Women are different than men, they thrive on fellowship with other women, it's just our nature. You can hardly bash the fact that they use that time and talent to benefit the church. You'd be foolish to try to down play what the women do just to point out what the men don't do. I dare say that it would back fire on you miserably.

Lets not "poo-poo" the moving of chairs or custodial or lawn care services that the men generally do. The Lord calls us to serve others and if that is where they choose to serve I applaude them. These are all vital things that need to be done. Need proof? Try to run a church without people filling those roles. Also, don't discount the fact that some men do cook and bake. Our chili cook off the last 3 years have been won by a man. The best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had and home made caramels are both made by a man. Their wives are thrilled that they can cook/bake.

As for hymns, please, do you not think of God as a Beautiful Savior? Our Glorious Lord? It's a reverent song, as are many praise songs. I believe that God is both Beautiful and Glorious as well as Strong and Powerful. I think we need to acknowledge and praise Him for all things, not stereotype what adjectives are manly and what are feminine.

brady said...

Thanks Queen.

Great points. I thoroughly enjoy your thoughts. In all reality there is something to be said about the feminine "motivation" as a huge aspect of family life. Without my wife, there are many things that would fall by the wayside, even spiritually.

Once again my focus is on an overload toward women and their service. My center is not to downplay the role of women or to minimize men's role on the grounds, but we struggle in our current culture to uplift men and too often we lose the headship model of Scripture. I don't have it right and desire input from others.

And Beautiful Savior once again shows a sign of the larger problem. We sing Beautiful Savior ALL the time. Don't quote me as saying it is horrible, BUT there are effects of "feminine" hymns and we need to at least acknowledge that.

Thanks again Queen. I pray all is well and Christ is at the center in Lake Geneva.