Sunday, November 29, 2009

Adam Sandler the family man in "Click"

An exciting trend has occurred in the life of Adam Sandler. I remember Sandler as the adult child on Saturday Night Live, Billy Madison, and Happy Gilmore. He was hilarious. But he learned from Beastie Boys that one will not be popular as the unresponsible guy into his 40's. Over the last eight years his movies have transformed from solely comedy into an uplifting of family and the ups and downs of marriage.

This is most apparent in the movie, "Click, that came out in 2006. Adam Sandler plays an architect named Michael Newman. He on the fringe of making it big in his company (under David Hasselhoff of all people) and works LONG hours. His wife, Donna (played by Kate Beckinsale) and two children are almost forgotten in the mean time. The kids don't know their dad, his wife is frustrated and always argues with him and there is potential danger of divorce.

In an effort to "speed" up his life he goes to Bed Bath and Beyond to find a universal remote, ends up in a dream buying a "life remote" that could speed up his life or slow it down. As any good American, he speeds up the time in traffic, complaining with his wife, making love, etc. In the meantime he misses prominent moments in his marriage, fatherhood, and even in his job. Ending with him being divorced, not knowing his kids, and his children making the same mistakes.

As he woke up from his dream it was made apparent that the premise of the movie was to spend quanity of time with your family because you only get one shot, that's it.

This is important for us as men to see. We can easily get caught up in our jobs and let our families go by the wayside. We think that if I get that next promotion or spend those few weeks with long hours at work, it will get better. When in all reality we need to think about our families first, especially our wives, and spend so much time with them that they almost can no longer stand us. In those quanity moments, opportunities abound and an opportunity to be the head of the family arise.

Thank you Adam Sandler.

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