Saturday, November 28, 2009

50 First dates a model of Godly men in a relationship?

This afternoon after the kids were in bed, I watched a portion of the movie "50 First dates" starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. The show is very funny and brings to light diseases that deal with memory loss. It was a typical modern Adam Sandler movie that promotes some kind of virtuous way in the midst of much dark humor.

The basic premise portrays Drew Barrymore as the young lady whose memory only lasted a day. When she was riding with her father, on his birthday, they hit a tree and the brain damage caused her to not remember anything beyond that time. At a random meeting while eating breakfast at a restaurant, Adam Sandler's goal is to show his love for "Lucy" even though she can only remember the past and never anything new.

What I thoroughly enjoyed about this movie was its uplifting of the unending love of a husband for his wife. Each day Adam Sandler would have to remind his wife about their history or else she would forget it all. Each day he had to recommitt his love to her and tell the story again. Each day he proved to her his great love for her.

I think this is a symbol of what all women want from their husband: A deeply committed love. A love that doesn't end in words, but is a daily recommitment to one another. This is deeply rooted in Ephesians 5, where all men are to love their wives as Christ loves the church (a.k.a. die for her).

Take advice from Adam Sandler on this account

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