Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Godly men in "Home Improvement?"

"Ugh, Ugh, Ugh" I'm not sure of how to make a grunting noise of a man who has just started his power car. The grunting noise symbolized what it meant to be a man in the show, "Home Improvement" with Tim Allen.
Home Improvement portrayed a "handy man", Tim Taylor, who is married to a pretty wife, Jill, and has three strapping young sons. He had his own TV show called, "Tool Time." His side kick, Al was very handy and kind of stiff in the ways of the world.
What made Home Improvement so attractive was its ability to humorize the normal family life and the ability of a man to joke his way out of anything. Tim would receive wisdom from his neighbor (whom we never saw his face) and often mis-apply it to his family life. At the same time, he was accident prone and always trying to make up for his mistakes. His biggest issue was trying to figure out his wife, he showed his love for her, he attempted to protect her, however, he was consistently seen as the "village idiot."
The overall view of men in this show was FAR better than the destruction from "Married with Children." Tim loves his kids, he loves his wife, he provides for his family, and appreciates people. However, it was good at glossing over the main issue. The woman was the only one that held things togehter and the man was basically worthless unless he is telling a joke. Ever seen this play out in your home life?

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