Friday, November 20, 2009

Godly men in "The Cosby Show?"

One show that probably influenced me the most as a chid was the big, connected, upper-middle class, jazz loving, show "The Cosby Show." It was great. The whole family stuck together. Both mom and dad had it all. She was a lawyer, he was a OBGYN, the kids had tons of fun, he loved jazz, and to top it all of they were an African american family that didn't make it a race issue. Boy, was it funny.
Bill Cosby, "Cliff Huxtable", was the center of the show. In many ways, he was the head of the household. He provided wisdom to his children, obviously provided as a doctor, and loved his wife in ways that put all modern TV shows to shame. Clair Huxtable was the loving wife and mother of FOUR kids (not seen often on TV). It seemed as if she really didn't do much lawyer stuff as she was mostly nurturing and criticizing the family all at the same time (especially Cliff). It was funny, whitty, and a breathe of fresh air for the modern day TV citcom.
In essence there is little wrong with this show. However, I would argue that the problem isn't what the show did, but what it lead to in the future. The Cosby Show was a beginning of the father being the comedian of the family. When there needed to be comic relief he was able to combine humor in the middle of wisdom. This portrayal of the man/father/husband lead to many other shows that wanted the same humor, but forgot wisdom (Simpsons, Drew Carey Show, Seinfeld, and Roseanne). The reminders are there that when we give an inch, others will take a mile.
Go ahead and watch this wonderful show. But be reminded, to be a good husband/father/man, does not require you to be "funny" all the time, but takes commitment, seriousness, and most of all love.


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