Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who is God? Holy Spirit

"The Holy Spirit is doing a new thing!" Proclaimed a delegate at the ELCA assembly. This was in reference to a vote concerning gay and lesbian clergy. She was promoting that one should vote for the ordination of gay and lesbian clergy due to the obvious work of the Holy Spirit providing men and women who were already doing good ministry, yet were denied simply because of whom they love.

However, how do we know if it is the Holy Spirit or some other move of another god? Two ways:
1) Does it point us to Christ to ourselves? (John 16:13-15), and 2) Does it contradict Scripture? (Romans 1:26, I Timothy 1:10, etc). In both cases, the answer is a problem. If it does not point to Christ then it can't be the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit just wants to get out of the way. Currently the focus of the homosexual debate clings to individuals and not Christ. Secondly, if what we think the Holy Spirit is doing contradicts what Scripture says, then we must ask the question, "Is this from God or somewhere else?"

The Holy Spirit "enlightens, sanctifies, and keeps me in the truth faith." Anything outside of that, is NOT the Holy Spirit.

Lord have mercy

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