Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Total Body Transformation Guaranteed

My wife and I will begin a new workout routine today called, "P90." This is an intensive program for 90 days that "promises" to have a total body transformation. Thus far it looks good. If I follow the guidelines, eat less, and focus on the exercises, I will probably get a total body transformation.

Yet, my hope is that my body is transformed before the 90 days into a heavenly body as Paul tells us. Our body might change here on earth, but it will never be fully transformed until the day of resurrection. On that ONE and final day, our Lord will take our lowly, love handled, slightly obese, out of shape bodies and make them perfect. Not because of a workout system, but simply due to the blood of Christ and our faith.

Until that faithful day of resurrection, I will try to eat better, workout, and transform my body to its fullest. But understanding that it will not be perfect until the day of Christ.

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