Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Complaints, the devil, and living under the cross

I have noticed lately that myself and others have been kind of cranky. Complaints have flowed from the tongue like water down the Nile. Almost as if noone is thinking. Or even worse, don't realize how low it brings everyone that surrounds them.

When I hear and make complaints that have nothing to do with the ministry of the church or of important issues, it really is tough to take. Mainly because I would place a major amount of complaints without a few compliments and an obvious love of those whom you are complaining about a sign that the devil is at work like crazy. Which actually shows that we are probably giving too much Christ and Him crucified in our coummunity, which is even better.

Now there is a distinction of valid complaints and not valid complaints. Example: Complaining about not mentioning Jesus enough, not having enough Bible studies, not reaching out to the community enough, not being in the Word enough, not enough forgiving, ALL VALID and my word, would be a blessed complaint.

However, what are most of the complaints we deal with and that I many times make myself? Personalities, organizational skills, building problems, minor mistakes, and my favorite of a friends of mine, "the pastor is to passionate when he preaches." NOT VAILD!

Can we bring up concerns in a loving manner and not jump down people's throats? Yes. Do we have to complain ALL the time and never bring a compliment? No. I am open to concerns more than most, but when the concerns are so minor compared to our biggest problem of proclaiming Christ, we have to ask who is working so hard to stop us from proclaiming forgiveness and bringing the crucified Lord to the community?

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