Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Taking service to one's neighbor serious....

Last week the mayor of Milwaukee, WI was terribly attacked by a man on the street. However, it was not an intentional beating to the mayor due to frustration of policies. Mayor Tom Barrett was about to get in his car when a woman yelled for help in a domestic issue from her boyfriend. He heard the cry and tried to calm the situation, however, the boyfriend attacked him and hit him with a pipe in the back of his head. Truly a sacrifice for his neighbor.

The disturbing part is that the family members of the boyfriend all said that Mayor Barrett should have not interevened. What? Someone is yelling help and not help? What kind of service is that? What is going on?

I commend Mayor Barrett for his help and I pray it points all of us to the high command of Jesus, "Love one another." Even if it might mean a pipe to the head, may we be there for one another.

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