Sunday, August 9, 2009

Confirmation is coming....

Starting in September confirmation begins. For many pastors, this means the begining of headaches, yelling, and seeing glazed eyes. And in many ways, this is what happens. When in junior high, the last things that you want to do is sit for more "education." This presents a major challenge to all pastors and confirmation teachers, "How do you make it interesting without sacrificing confessional theology?"

I am always open to more suggestions for the future. We have a pretty good format (as far as engagement). 15 minutes of memory work recitation and updates on life. 5 minute break. 25 minutes of Catechism study (5 minute break). 15 minute study of one chapter of the Gospel of John. 5 minute break. 10 minutes of vespers and prayer. Go home!

That format works well to make it through the night. However, what is the best way to: 1) Have the children learn the faith? 2) Have them understand their identity as a baptized child of God? 3) Keep the kids active after confirmation is finished? (or more importantly, have the parents take part).

Everyone's prayers are requested. It will be a fun year. I actually enjoy confirmation and getting to know the kids.

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