Friday, August 28, 2009

Pray for my wife's family with the passing of her grandma

This morning, my wife's grandma fell asleep in Jesus. She had gone through quite a bit over the last few months. She was a believer in Christ and His redemptive work. She was a born and bred WELS Lutheran and had such a deep love for her Lord and the church that she heard this great message. The funeral is on Monday and I pray that her faithful WELS pastor will give us Christ.

It is a constant reminder that when I preside over a funeral, how much the family is grieving. They have just lost a loved one that they will greatly miss and they need to know of hope for the next day without this individual. Without Christ, we grasp for straws to find hope. May we as ministers of the Gospel remember that we are called to give the hope of Christ and Him crucified.

Lord have mercy

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