Saturday, August 22, 2009

ELCA Assembly accepting of homosexuality as members and in church work

In a surprising unsurprising vote, the ELCA voted by 55% to allow practicing homosexuals to be ordained into the Holy Ministry. Some people are shocked and appalled, I'm just glad that what they hav ebeen practicing for years is now in the open. No longer can people in the ELCA say, "Well, the LCMS and ELCA are pretty much the same." Or even better, "Pastor, their aren't any LCMS churches in the area I live, so I must go ELCA!" A better solution? Start an LCMS church to be faithful to the Word.

It is a reminder once again for us all to cling to the Word of God. As my grandpa says, "If you don't believe in anything, you will fall for everything." The arguments in the assembly were centererd on emotions and personalities. They did not begin with the Word and then wrestle with other issues.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in the ELCA and hope for faithful churches to find a safe, Christ centered denomination to be part of.

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