Saturday, August 15, 2009

Steward, IL-No services

Today our family got back from Champaign, IL from visiting our son's godparents (Go U of I!). On our trip back, as I was ready to be home and the kids were getting anxious, I saw a sign on Highway 39 for the village of Steward, IL. Below the sign for the village said with big letters, NO SERVICES (no gas, no food, no bathroom)!

Probably not the best sign up for a village named Steward. As Christians we would define steward as a "manager" of the gifts God has given. Our role as His children is to use of our possessions and people surrounding according to God's purpose. Most importantly to serve others as Christ has served us.

Unfortunately, we are not much different than the sign on the highway. We have the identity as God's steward through the baptismal waters in Christ, but most people can not help but see the big letters by our actions, "NO SERVICES TO OTHERS." I serve myself, no one else, just walk bye!

As His children, may we remember the great sacrifice on the cross for us. He has claimed us to be His stewards and to serve others that they may see with big bold letters: "SERVICE TO ALL BY THE MERCY OF CHRIST."

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