Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whirlpools and the Holy Spirit

I love to swim in small pools, especially round ones that go no deeper than six feet. Tonight, my family went to a graduation party where my girls and I went swimming. The moment we entered the water, we started a whirlpool; walking round and round til' the current took over. After five minutes the people figured out what I was doing and they started to follow our lead. Yet, there were some who were upset that I had disrupted the apple cart. They were giving me the evil eye along with not cooperating.

As I was leading the whirlpool, I was thinking about the Holy Spirit and His Work in our Baptismal life. The Holy Spirit comes into our pool which we are drowning in and creates a current of His love, forgiveness, and salvation. After sometime more and more people fall into place with that current, while others deny that the current is even there. You see this in the church where some people listen to God's Word and do it, while some bark at the moon or try to stop the current. There is nothing better than when the Word is preached in all purity for that is the time that the current of the Gospel takes over!

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