Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Forgiveness service to end our Wed. night services this summer

Tomorrow evening we will end our Wed. night services this summer with a forgiveness service. It will be very simple. We will meditate on each of the 10 commandments in silence, a few Scripture readings, followed by by the sweet words of forgiveness. What I have found is that when we go through confession on Sunday mornings, we tend to "zone" out and not focus on our sins, and how many of us look to every commandmnet? This is a chance to really look at our sinfulness for what we really are: terrible sinners.
But tomorrow night will all be about forgiveness. Not only will people be able to bring their sins forward to be posted on a cross, but also to receive individual proclamation of the forgiveness of sins.
I am really new to this kind of service and am open to any suggestions. I know it will be a powerful night by the great news of Christ.

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