Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Movie and popcorn...traditions are the sustenance of life

Most Friday nights at the Finnern household are made up of a movie (usually Veggie Tales), a bowl of popcorn, and relaxation. We started this tradition this winter and it has really helped us hang out as a family on Friday nights and in essence "prepare" for the weekend. This tradition emulates many traditions as a child that brought a sustenance to our relationship and my hope to bring the same to my children.

I think this is the same for our children and the worship/devotional life as baptized children of God. Most funerals I have conducted, the children will choose hymns that their parents sang while washing dishes or while driving the car. Also, they choose readings that were posted on their wall. I also had a family mention that each night their dad would recite five Psalms and the Lord's prayer. The child reminisced, "Whenever I hear the first two words of the Psalm I can say the whole thing, no matter where I am." Same thing happens in the worship service when we recite confession, the Kyrie, Hymns, and hear the Benediction. The Word lives within people and Christ is a constant reminder. May we continue with the tradition of God's Word. Through that Word, God brings a sustenance to our relationship with Him and something that will be passed on.

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