Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prayer/Needs walk II a big success...

Beginning with prayer and a trust in the Lord, we did our second round of prayer/needs walks around North Prairie. We ended up visiting 32 homes and having some very good conversations. Yet, one group had a guy send out his dog towards our people. Needless to say, they didn't join the church :-).

Our main goal is to get a feel for what people see as the need of our community. We also ask for prayer requests. Thus far we have found most people see a huge need of connecting everyone together and providing activities for kids and families. How we as a church address these requests? Not sure. We are going to start cottage meetings at our church to get a feel for what the people of St. John see God directing us and then see if they match up.

The whole time, we are first and foremost about Word and Sacrament. Nothing but Christ and Him crucified. Yet, God is leading us towards mercy ministries. What kind is yet to be determined.

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