Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Unites America?

"Michael Jackson united America and the world" proclaimed a local paper. Interesting. I don't remember the world coming together for a Michael Jackson concert or millions of people joining hands worshipping this the "King of Pop." Was he a wonderful, talented individual? Absolutely. The amount of barriers he broke, people he helped, and his talents musicaly were unprecedented. Yet, did he unite all nations? I would have to argue no. And maybe, just maybe we have overdone his impact on the world. JUST MAYBE!

We as Christians join millions and billions of people throughout the world to worship the "King of Kings." We worship not because He had great talent to heal, not because he helped people, but due to His unprecedented ability to take on all sins by His death. That is what unites the nations. Unfortuntely, this man Jesus and His impact on the world has been UNDERDONE. And just maybe we should be overdoing His impact on the world. JUST MAYBE!

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