Sunday, July 19, 2009

Visiting the city and being blessed by the Gospel

This morning we did a pulpit switch with our sister churches in Milwaukee (Hope and Bethlehem). These churches are a unique situation of a dual parish in the heart of the city. We started a partnership over two years ago after a number of members and the pastor and I had done a number of work projects. Pastor Micah Wildauer and I switched pulpits. He came out to the "country" and I went to the inner city.

Needless to say, it was an amazing blessing. Both churches have a richness to their faith that does not depend on real estate values, lake homes, and gas prices. One gal came into church yelling, "Alleluia, thank you Jesus for being with us today." Not your normal Lutheran move. However, it showed a trust and dependance on Jesus and an ackowledgement of a very Lutheran idea, "Jesus being with us in worship."

Our partnership with these churches will continue into the future. Mainly through the support of Hope Lutheran Food Pantry. But also through work projects, fellowship activities, and hopefully a day of study and worship. I thank God for the experience today with God's people in a different setting.

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