Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's wrong with fooling around? Week 2

This week we will be addressing a question that not many people are necessarily asking in our world, but it sorely needs to be addressed. "What wrong with fooling around?"

Specifically we are discussing sexual ethics. Much of sexualitty is overtaken currently by the homosexuality debate. In the mean time, STDs are on the rise, out of wedlock babies are rising, and living together without marriage is the norm as opposed to the exception. Where do we even start to address these questions?

Please keep this in your prayers. We live in a live and let live society and the people whom are in our pews tend to be the ones promoting some of these behaviors. I must admit I went through a time where I didn't see it as a big deal! Yet, we address these things according to God's Word and that must be our guide. And our main goal is repentance and hearing the sweet words of forgiveness.

Lord have mercy

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