Sunday, June 7, 2009

Firefighters, policeman, Walgreens, the food industry have no souls?

"Billy doesn't go to church. Can you believe it?" an older lady tells of her son. "What does Billy do?" He owns a cafe that is open on Sunday!

I remember these kind of statements being made concerning those who serve in unique jobs that are open on Sunday mornings. Many times we kind of scoff them not attending worship, but the minute we are out of church that cafe better have my food. If I am sick, that ambulance better be there. If my house is on fire on Sundy, they better be there. Interesting isn't. What is even harder is if they do come to church when they can, it is difficult to get them infiltrated into the life of the church. They are gone a lot, don't know many people, and have inconsistent schedules.

How do we minister to these individuals and bring them into the community? What are we to do when people are fulfilling their God given vocations, but miss out a chance for God's gifts?

Ideas are well appreciated!

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