Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TV Ratings, money, or marriage?

Last night the big announcement came, "John and Kate Gosselin are getting a divorce." (From TLC's John and Kate plus 8). It tugs at my heart, even though I do not watch is all the time, but I grew an endearment toward this family because of going through similar struggles as a parent of young children. They also had a Christian faith and referred to their church and faith from time to time.

However, my heart aches even more due to this break up. Not simply because it is a divorce, but the logical conclusion is that money won out. The network, TLC, when hearing of their marital difficulties could have told them to take some time off and take care of their family. John and Kate could have pulled the plug on the show when their marriage was crazy. But ultimately, TLC wants ratings and I do not know the motivations for John and Kate, but money was more than likely not out of the picture.

My prayer and hope is that God continues to strengthen me and my beautiful wife to always fight for our marriage no matter the circumstances. If it means that I leave the ministry for my family, then I have to do it. If that means that we have to move, then so be it. Neither of which are an idea mind you, but I ask the Lord today for strength to make a bold decision for my family for whatever He has in store.

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