Saturday, June 27, 2009

The most religious place tonight...Miller Park

Tonight our guys from St. John attended the baseball game between the Brewers and San Fransisco Giants. What a riot. The Brewers came back from 2 down in the bottom of the ninth and won it. It is amazing to do a little people watching. You have young college aged people, young families with small kids, and older generations. Most of which have drank a lot of beer and having a good time (even if it invovled much glutony)!

What is once again amazing to me is how people at the end of a intense game turn from cussing, dirty jokes, criticism, to folded hands and prayer. When Prince fielder came up to bat, one gentleman who had cussed all night folded his hands, bowed his head and it appeared ask God for a win. What a religious person. I'm sure he is going to church in the morning (if he can get over his coming hangover).

Tomorrow morning, my prayer is that people are folding their hands, bowing their heads in the same way. Because at worship tomorrow morning will be God's gifts, His Holy Spirit, and the forgiveness of sins that will throw us into the world without a hangover, but with His grace.

May we celebrate God's grace tomorrow, while being excited over a great win for the Brew Crew (even though I am a Twins fan)

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