Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's God's grace to be like our Heavely Father

Ted Bundy, Homer, Ray Romano and many other various TV dads. All of which are the village idiots. Sitting on their couches, complaining of their wives, and ignoring their children. Our current society has a shortage of father figures in the media.

This makes Father's day doubly important for our society. It reminds me of the introduction of the Lord's Prayer.

"God would thereby [with this little introduction] tenderly urge us to believe that He is our true Father, and that we are His true children, so that we may ask Him confidently with all assurance, as dear children ask their dear father."

What an image for us fathers. To be bold in our admonition, but also to let our children know that they can come to us confidently with request and needs as we can to our Heavenly Father.

By God's grace I am a father of three and boy do I need to repent each day. May we all come to the cross due to our fallen nature and ask for strength to lead our children as Godly fathers.

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