Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The depth of sin once again on Hollywood

As the kids were in bed early last night, my wife and I watched the movie, "Taken." I wanted to watch it because whenever Liam Neeson is on, he usually kicks butt. Plus it was a shorter movie that had decent reviews.

What is striking about modern movies today is how they all paint a very faint picture of today and especially for the future. In this movie there is a father who has his daughter taken while on vacation in France. The movie includes sex rings of young girls, violence, and the commitment of a father to his daughter. At the end of the movie you feel like there is some hope, but you realize the depth of sin in our world.

Too often in America we consider sin to be simply bad thoughts, too much to drink, or a little freak on outside of marriage. However, sin is much more destructive. Since we are separated from our God it can get out of control without proper restraints (1st use of the law). People kill, people abuse, people lie, people cheat, people get hurt. This is why the law is so needed and when it is applied correctly the Gospel is even sweeter.

Check this movie out, but beware it will show you that we as a church have a lot more work to do and Satan is working ever so hard!

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