Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Most Protestant Churchgoers open to other denominations

Results from the latest Ellison Research survey, released Monday, show that 16 percent of Protestants are exclusively loyal to their denomination and will only consider attending a church within their current denomination if they were placed in a situation where they had to leave their current church.

The rest are open to considering other denominations. Fifty-one percent said they prefer one denomination but are open to others and 33 percent said they do not have any preference for one specific denomination.

Ellison Research found similar levels of loyalty among churchgoers to other products and services. Twenty-two percent said they are exclusively loyal to one brand of toothpaste and 64 percent expressed a brand preference (while also considering other brands); 19 percent will only consider one brand of bathroom tissue and 59 percent said they prefer one brand but are open to others; and 16 percent said they are loyal to one brand of pain relievers with 57 percent expressing preference for one brand but also considering other kinds.

This is shows a common trend within our LCMS. Many of the younger generation, born and raised LCMS somehow end up in another denomination that have completely counter doctrines and practices. Have we made our denomination choice to be exactly like our toothpaste, bathroom tissue, and favorite cereal? Do we no longer think of doctrine and the importance of clinging to God's Word and the Gospel? Where are we going wrong?

St. John is committed to making known the truths of God's Word which is why we are working on a current document of what we believe, teach, and confess that shows our beliefs which may not be in accordance to society, but in the WORD.

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