Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We respect, honor, and pray for our new President

It is official. Mr. Barack Obama will be our new President in the new year. It was a hard fought battle and basically speaking, McCain had no chance. Obama was just too much of a rock star in politics!

Although I do not agree with a number of Senator Obama's views socially (abortion and marriage), he will be our 44th President and is deserving of our respect, honor, and prayers as our authority (Romans 13). The best thing we can do the next four years is to be graceful with our tongues with his reputation. At the same time, bold in our action toward the things that we do not agree with. God has placed Barack Obama in this role as our President and he is worthy of our respect. God Bless the World!

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AshleyEffken said...

Pastor Finnern, it might be worth noting that a good way to respect him would be to start with spelling his name correctly. It's Barack, not Barak. Other than that, you have a good, fourth commandment honoring point. As our authority, a role he would not have had God not granted it to him, he should receive our respect, honor, and prayers.