Friday, November 14, 2008

Confessional Study on this blog?

I have been praying and reflecting for some time on our lives as Lutheran Christians. Most of us know the very basics of the Lutheran faith (Saved by grace through faith and at least knowing what what the Small Catechism is). However, when our churches subscribe to the Book of Concord in our constitution and when we install a new pastor. But have we really dug deep into the writings that bring out what Scripture tells us?

So I have an idea! How about we start a confessional study on this blog on Sunday evenings. I was thinking of posting a part of the confessions, a few discussion questions, and then "homework" to reflect on for the next week. I will probably use the Concorida: Reader's Edition of the Book of Concord from the Book of Concord and follow the Daily reading guide. Let me know your thoughts and ideas of how to get this done?

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Rivers said...

Great idea Pastor Finnern. Let's do it.