Monday, November 24, 2008

Treasury of Dail Prayer ordered for the congregation-Score!

Our congregation just ordered 11 of the newest book, Treasury of Daily Prayer (TDP) from Concordia Publishing House (CPH). CPH has a deal right now that you can order 10 or more TDP's and you get free shipping and 30% off. It is a great deal.

What makes TDP great is that it incorporates daily Scripture readings, prayers, writings from Church Fathers, and incorporates our Lutheran Confessions. It is all in one book and in comparable size to our hymnals. I may be more sinful and ADDish than most of you, but I really need a set standard of what to do each day, or else my mind wanders and I get nowhere. This devotional should be a great help! I am very excited to receive my copy and my prayer is that after we have an example for the congregation to see, it will really take off.


Paul McCain said...

May God bless richly all who use it!

Scot K said...

Pastor, if I can assist you in any way to introduce the Treasury to your people, please don't hesitate to contact me. As well, if you have any questions about the book, its whys and wherefores, by all means drop me a note.