Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baptized child of God and gay marriage...

It is difficult to be in our world today without hearing something to do with homosexuality/gay marriage. This issue will probably end up being one of the biggest threats to the church in the future. I would argue that it is such a big deal that the Church should be tackling it head on and with all of its might. However, besides a few resolutions in convention and a task force that met 10 years ago, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod has done NOTHING to address homosexuality with mercy ministries to those in need. I have searched, there is NOTHING!

Why is this? I'm not really sure. I think much of it is out of fear of the unknown, a little bit of bigotry, and also a stigmatizing of homosexual sin being above any other sin. The problem is that one that is tempted in this particular sin is threatening to separate themselves from God. From my experience the sin of homosexual behavior causes people to deny their families, live scandalous lives, and separate themselves from all that was once good (especially God). And the church has been seen as the last place for a solution. All of this is unfortunate but true. No matter the case, homosexual sin is no different than the lust of a heterosexual individual and is just as much forgivable than any other. So where do we go from here?

I have researched three groups that are actively in ministry among homosexuals:
Keys Ministry- by an LCMS pastor, now lead by a woman in the AFLC

Outpost Ministries-Minneapolis, MN- This ministry led by an ordained Baptist preacher is focused on counseling and outreach to those in the gay community. It has had great success in the Twin Cities area.

Exodus International- The biggest ministry among homosexuals. It has connections throughout the USA with many churches. Evangelical in nature.

I am always looking for input on ministry among the homosexual community that leads to freedom and healing.

May Christ have mercy on this community and us as a church to reach out.

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