Sunday, November 30, 2008

Football, Rest, and Confessions-Week 3

Last week we discussed the 1st commandment, which is not a great commandment to reflect upon, simply because we break it so often that it is hard to even think about where to start in confession (especially when the Vikings are currently playing the Bears on TV!!).

Week three: Large Catechism 2nd Commandment:

Luther sums up the 2nd commandment with the following words:
"It is misusing God's name when we call upon the Lord God, no matter in what way, for purposes of falsehood or wrong of any kind."

He really hits home on the idea of false preachers when he says, "Behold, all this is decking one's self out with God's name, or making a pretty show, or claiming to be right, whether it occur in gross, worldly business or in sublime, subtle matters of faith and doctrine."

The common statement today is, "Well, there are differences, but let's forget those differences and just get along." However, usually those "minor" things deal with the Sacraments and/or our role in receiving saving faith. No matter how you put it, those are major things and many people are advocating false doctrine! So we must always be aware of what we are teaching and what affects it has on the Christian faith.

Most commonly this is promoted by someone who despises the idea of infant baptism and gets irrate when one even brings it up.

What is worst of false doctrine you have heard from the pulpit?

Homework: Large Catechism-3rd Commandment

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