Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Challenge: Feed Jesus with Peanut Butter

The Last Sunday of the Church Year was highlighted by Jesus' words about the final judgment in Matthew 25:31-46. Jesus tells of how the righteous one's of Christ (chosen by Him) live righteously. The whole time the chosen one's are living, through the Holy Spirit, God leads them to serve the least of these (feeding the poor, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, etc).

At our church, I have made a challenge to live righteously as one's chosen. Our congregation has been greatly blessed by a partnership with Hope & Bethlehem Lutheran Churches in Milwaukee. We especially are involved in supporting the Hope Food Pantry. Each month we collect one item that is the most needed. For December the most needed item is Peanut Butter, so I have challenged everyone to give 1 container of Peanut Butter per family member. So most likely, we will have over 200 containers. This is a simple way for us to look to our neighbor and see Jesus in the least of these.

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