Saturday, May 30, 2009

Leno-The end of an era, but things still move on?

After 17 years on late night TV, last night Jay Leno said farewell. He hads the reigns over the Conan O'Brien while Leno moves on to other ventures. There were many goodbyes, reflections, and I think questions of the future, as if late night TV will stop as we know it.
This was similar to 17 years ago when Leno took over for Johnny Carson. When Johnny said farewell, there were even more questions of the future. Who could ever replace Johnny? Yet, time still moved on. Some continued to watch, some didn't, and many new fans came along.
As I have preached at two funerals this week, there have been much mourning. The two men were active in their faith. Attending worship, witnessing their faith in the community, and serving others. We wonder, who can replace these men? Well, in essence, no one. We mourn their farewells, but yet time still moves on. God is still active, we still have many other men to serve, and many new people in the faith will come. His Holy Spirit is still at work and it is humbling to know that His grace still continues in our lives and in others.

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