Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celebration of our faith, the brothers, and our district

The past three days, I have been at a missional leadership seminar in Trego, WI. It has been refreshing to be among brother pastors, getting to know other guys, and discussing where God is leading us. There are many opportunities to celebrate what our Lord does in our District and in our Lord's churches.

I am very humbled of all 212 congregations in our district because we have a structure that helps all of us keep the confidence that our pastors are "confessional" and "missional". Unless a guy brings up that he is not one of these things, we have a great Synod that teaches strong, biblical beliefs and have extreme consensus on the doctrine of the church.

May we keep our Synod in our prayers and keep focused on the heart of it all, Christ and Him crucified.

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