Thursday, May 21, 2009

County Marriage Agreement...any thoughts on fellowship?

On Tuesday I attended a informational meeting for a county marriage agreement. This is sponsored by groups such as Marriage Savers,, & Wisconsin Family Council. The basics of the agreement would be with fellow Christian denominations around the county to describe our beliefs on marriage, addressing needs of marriage, and addressing cohabitation. For example all churches commit to pre-marital counseling, waiting periods to get married, a policy on cohabitation, and everyone conducting a marriage inventory. The results in other counties and cities have been greatly effective (less divorce, more marriages, less cohabitation, etc).

There are a number of basics to think about as a confessional Lutheran. 1) What implications are there for fellowship? 2) There is no set-up for worship or fellow Word and Sacrament ministries. 3) It makes up only Christian churches. Yet I would enjoy input on what other principles to discuss in order to make a decision to be involved.

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Potts Family said...


I understand the fellowship concerns, but at the same time, the world around us is devaluing marriage at every turn. When I think about that, I think that whatever measures we as a Christian church can take to protect marriage and encourage a Biblical view of marriage are helpful. Insofar as the county marriage agreement does not disagree with anything we believe, teach and confess as Lutherans I would have a hard time not being involved.