Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why go to church? Part 2

We have established that one goes to worship to receive the gifts of God (forgiveness, the Sacrament, life, and salvation). We go because it is in worship that God has promised to be working in physical and spiritual ways.

Are there any other reasons? I will never forget a response by my mother as a child when I asked why we needed to go to church. She said, "To see all of our friends."

I would argue from Acts 2:42-47 that we go to worship for the support of other Christians. In the early church they joined together for worship, eating, fellowship, and providing for each others needs. If there was a need, they helped each other out. They worked together, raised kids together, and made sure that everything was provided.

In our world, the visible church is as close as we get to the early church. The church at its best is centered around the gifts of God and supporting each other in our daily needs. The church is to be a support system when we go through the rough times. Also a place to join with each other during times of celebration!

Can the church work on this? Sure. But we are called to help make the church what it is called to be. So while going to church, dont' run out the door after worship, but greet people, bring baked goods, truly ask people how they are doing, and make a hotdish for those who are struggling.

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