Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How do I serve my neighbor locally?

Who is my neighbor? Everyone! Where do I start?

It starts with opening our eyes to those around us, to the places that are the most important to us. Your family, your physical neighbor, your church, your town/city/village hall. Ask your church what is needed. Ask you neighbor if you can help with anything. Ask your town hall what needs are in your community. And see where that takes you.

Secondly, support local mercy works in your community. One of the most common things in a community are food pantries. Find the food pantry that is available and see how they run things. Here are a few questions to ask (this is information from our local food pantry director):
  • What is your mission?
  • How do you determine who gets food and who doesn't?
  • Do you have resources for individuals to find jobs and housing?

These are important issues, because some food pantries are giving a hand out as opposed to a hand out!

Finally, recruit people in your church who have an interest in mercy ministries. Find the current needs of the community, see if the church can address the need, and finally, pray for opportuntieis to serve your neighbor.

For more information on quality food pantries talk to Cindy at Mukwonago Food Pantry, http://www.mukwonagofoodpantry.org/

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