Monday, October 20, 2008

Golf and grace...

Today was a day for golf. Probably the last game of the year. This year I golfed 6 times, which quadrupled my times golfing in my life. I have learned a lot: 1) I like 9 holes more than 18, 2) Don't move your feet while swinging, 3) That if you play with the right people, you never go above 8 strokes! (Which is why I typically golf a 72 in 9 holes).

Since I am new to the game, I have been blessed with many gracious friends who have given me a lot of advice. And the greatest of all, they allow me to drop a lot mulligans after I have lost my ball in the water and in the woods. I am given a new ball after my worst of shots.

This is much like the grace of our God. We miss the target of God's will all the time, most of the time we lose sight of Christ and his forgiveness, and end up lost. But it is our Lord who drops us down after we ask for forgiveness, a new creation and thrown into our world. After we have done our worst, God gives us a new ball!

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