Friday, October 3, 2008

Blindness the movie....our blindness to God

Here it comes, another theological point from a movie. A new movie came out today called, "Blindness" with Julaine Moore. The basic premise of this movie is that one person becomes blind and the blindness spreads to the whole world within weeks. The first people infected with this blindness are quarantined in a secluded area and left to basically die. While quarantined, original sin goes wild (selfishness, murder, rape, infidelity, and greed) and there is basically no hope. At the end of the day, it shows that if everyone in the world is blind, where is the hope?

This movie reminds me of our condition as human beings. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit, humankind became spiritually blind and unable to see, walk with, or believe in God. This infection has spread to all people born into this world and we were basically quarantined to a life of original sin going wild. At the end of the day, as we try to make our ways through this life, where is the hope?

Our hope is in a God who took our spiritual blindness and opened our eyes through the cross 0f Christ. When He breathed His last, it was like he opened all of our eyes to see God and the hope of His grace. He opens our eyes through the Holy Spirit to see how He has done it all for us through Christ and we will live with our eyes fully opened to be with Him at the final resurrection.

May God have mercy on us the spiritually blind.

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