Friday, October 17, 2008

Fireproof the movie is outstanding...

My wife and I went to "Fireproof" tonight with Kirk Cameron. It was very, very good. It was not your typical Kirk Cameron movie. No Rapture, no accepting Jesus (at least not outright), and it focused on the cross. I would say it is a must see for all married couples and those who are engaged.

The best part was that it focuses on Biblical Marriage in light of the cross. As marriage is a symbol of Christ's love for the church, the movie does a tremendous job of manifesting what Ephesians 5 and Genesis 2 proclaims. Would I do the movie a little differently as a Lutheran? Sure. But this movie is just what we need for current day movies.

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Rivers said...

We thought it was a fantastic movie as well. It was refreshing to see a movie like it in a theater; not your typical venue for a Christian message.

Patrick Roberts said...

I just got back from watching Fireproof... the over all message was solid for sure; how great is it that such a different-flavored movie made it into the regular, big screen!