Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who is my neighbor?

I recently watched Veggies Tales, "Are you my neighbor" with my 2 girls. Little Asparagus was struggling to know who is neighbor is and he finds out through an adventure to space, that those who are close to us are our neighbors. Great movie for little kids, great ideas for a child, and a fun time for parents to sit with your kids.

But does it hit home the true biblical idea of our neighbor? In Matthew 22:37-40, Jesus tells us to "love your neighbor as yourself." Who is your neighbor? Our neighbor simply put is everyone! Yep, EVERYONE! Your physical neighbor, your neighbor in another town, your neighbor in China, Africa, etc. Everyone!

How can we serve them all? Well, that will be our next post. For right now, realize that our calling as Christians is a very high calling for all people and we live under His grace to do so! For the next week or so, we will cover the question, "How can I serve all my neighbors as Christ has called us?"

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