Friday, August 8, 2008

Put on a new garment...

Ever gotten a new suit (Or dress for the women folk)? There is nothing better. Clean, sharp, not a wrinkle to be found, and you enter a room with your shoulders back and with a little more jump to your step. Nothing better!

I just got done reading the Large Catechism written by Luther. In the Large Catechism, Luther was addressing the Anabaptists who were trying to say that infants should not be baptized and many others who were arguing that Baptism is a past event and not today. In response he ends with these words, "Therefore let all Christians regard their baptism as the daily garment that they are to wear all the time. Every day they should be found in faith and with its fruits, suppressing the old creature and growing up in the new (Large Catechism, Kolb/Wengert, 466).

Each day, we start with a new suit in the forgiveness of Christ. As we start our day, our Lord brings a new garment, covering us with our Baptism, and we walk in this life with no wrinkle of sin in the eyes of God. In the meantime every day we go out with confidence to our vocation with a little more jump in our step. Confident to live knowing that we are His and He will continue to clothe us again and again. Nothing better!

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