Friday, August 1, 2008

Brett Favre-Vocation gone amuck!

"I just want to play football", Favre told FoxNews a few weeks ago. Sounds like a decent request to most of us. Why not let one of the most prolific passer in NFL history play?

Of course, how quickly we forget how he gave an announcement a few months ago saying, "I'm walking away from the game. It is time."

I would argue the issue in this whole circus is not necessarily Brett Favre, the Green Bay Packers, or us as fans, but it a misunderstanding of vocation. Vocation is better defined as "calling." One's calling in life. God gives all of us a vocation (father, mother, daughter, brother, citizen, etc).

Luther emphasized that as a baptized child of God, we are called to fulfill our vocations to the best of our ability. At the same time, we must realize that our vocation will change, from child to adult, student to worker, worker to retirement, young person to elderly. They are all a gift from God and we should realize how God has placed us in this place at this time for a reason, although we might not realize why.

In this case, Brett Favre decided and announced that he would start a new vocation and in the same way, the Green Bay Packers would start a new vocation in the post-Brett Favre era. Both the Packer fans, the ownership, and even Brett Favre started to prepare for that new vocation. Now, how each group's vocation will look like this year is yet to be determined, but I think it is a reminder for all of us to look at our own lives and think about where God is leading us. Is to toward retirement, it is toward college, high school, fatherhood, motherhood, a new job? Whatever it is, fulfill your current vocation, stay in prayer, receive His gifts in worship, and reflect on what God is doing in your life.

Maybe best of all, Brett Favre's vocation will be in purple on the opening weekend on Monday Night football :-)

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