Sunday, August 24, 2008

How much can we discuss who to vote for in 08'?

As the politics heat up, the relationship of church and state is always a hot question. As Lutherans we would make a distinction of God's kingdom of the right (church) and the left (government). God rules over both, each one given different responsibilities. Church=gospel gifts, Government=order in society.

So when it comes to John McCain vs. Barak Obama, what do we say as a church?

As the church, we probably should not deal a ton with foreign policy, economic plans, etc, but we do have a right to uphold Biblical principles. Such as we can not say, "Vote for Obama or McCain", but we can tell people to not vote for someone who is fully Pro-Choice or a supporter of gay marriage. These are values that lead into many other issues and it is difficult to see eye to eye on majority of plans.

The most important thing this November is VOTE. Our governmental policy gives us this chance to be part of the process (even with its downfalls). Know each candidate through and through, know what Scripture has to say, and pray for God to lead the candidate that will rightly bring order to our society.

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