Saturday, August 9, 2008

How should one prepare for Sunday worship on Saturday?

How should one prepare for Sunday worship on Saturday? Ever thought about it?

One of our ladies here at church told me a story. In the 1940's, when she would go out with her friends on Saturday night, her mom would say as she left, "Remember, tomorrow we are having the Lord's Supper, so start preparing."

Do you think our parents are telling our youth that nowadays? Do you think that it might be just the right words to make sure that our youth are doing the right thing and even more so, that they might actually think about their faith beyond Sunday morning?

It makes me think about how each one of us prepare for worship the day before? We might say a prayer once we enter the building, but how many of us pray the night before? the day before, or even an hour before?

Here is my idea, your next Saturday night, before you go to bed, pray that God would prepare you to receive the gifts He gives in worship and also to bring those who aren't even thinking about worship this night to worship the next day.

May he prepare our hearts and minds this evening to receive His Body and Blood tomorrow!

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Aaron Koch said...

Do you think the average Lutheran worship service gives enought time for personal reflection during the service. (Other than day dreaming during the service. During today's service one of our deacons was doing the confession and gave about three seconds for personal confession through prayer. I wonder if our worship services are set up in away to promote this.
That however does not mean it is the churches fault I'm not prepared for worship. What does it mean to prepare for worship and how do you do it?