Sunday, August 17, 2008

Christ-Centered-Cross Focused Church Sign?

Ever went to a church because of a church sign? Many of our churches make the "church sign" seem to be the greatest evangelism tool since Peter's sermon at Penecost! Does it do a lot? I would argue no. Does it turn people off? Absolutely! Most people I know make fun of the signs and they end up being a comical moment for them on the way to work.

But church signs are here to stay and since we do have to live with them, how do we do it in a confessional way? By the way, "What is missing from ch--ch? UR" does not count!

Here are a few signs that we have had at St. John's. Actually there was one case where a couple came because of the sign, but that was only one Sunday (On our lovely sign, we can only do about 21 letters on either side so we are very restricted)
1) Forgiveness here
2) Sinners inside, join us
3) Faith Alone, Christ Alone
4) Christ centered teaching, cross focused worship

We are looking for new ideas. I know most of us are not bumper sticker lovers, but if we can keep our signs focused on strong theology, it will let people know that this church is more than open-hearts, open minds, and open doors!


Matt said...

What the ...? Is that church sign for real? What on earth could they be referring to?

I guess they must have a problem with folks dipping Copenhagen during service and making a mess of the floor.

This whole discussion makes me want to [literally] puke!!

RevFisk said...

My favorite ever was a Methodist Church in my vicarage town that one week had up "Doing better than Jesus."

Granted, the text was, "And you will do even greater things than these." But still. My wife made me pull the car over so she could take a picture. Unfortunately, the digital image was lost in a recent hard drive scuttling.

I've also always been a fan of:

"The Pope is a fink."
"Zwingli was a stoner."


Congrats on blog o' the week Rev. Finnern!